Is Suicide A Right?

There has been a lot of movement on euthanasia for people with terminal illnesses but sadly the same cannot be said for suicide. I know a world where people are constantly miserable and desperately seeking a peaceful way to end... Continue Reading →

“A Dying Man In A Living Room”

Fast food wrappers and bags mark the floors and tables. The blinds are always closed, they don't even need dusting. Too many unread books on the bookshelf, as if belonging to someone in a previous life. Unfolded clothes on the... Continue Reading →

Exposing The Hangmen

Hangmen used to use hoods over their heads so no one knew who did the dirty deed. I can't expose the people at work that hurt me, at least not for now and its questionable I'd live long enough to... Continue Reading →

Sadness, Fear, Anger, Repeat: PTSD

I sound like a broken record because my mind is a broken record. Utter despair that's only broken up by fear and the leads me go into a rage. That's what PTSD looks like. Over and over and over and... Continue Reading →

Longing For The End

Each anxiety riddled miserable day takes me closer to the end. Days of sadness and tears mark the happier days I have left in existence. I can't help but be bitter at the world. So many seemingly could have helped;... Continue Reading →

Ghost Of Christmas Past

I saw a girl today. I saw sadness in her face. Desperation. Torment. Isolation. I couldn't help but ache for her. It only took a look, a brief moment and I longed to embrace her and tell her it would... Continue Reading →

Truth & Identity: Verbs, Nouns & Climbing Ladders

I was watching a few Joe Rogan clips, as I am accustomed to doing, and stumbled upon an interesting idea, or rather the framing of an idea, that I had never come across before (I feel silly saying that because... Continue Reading →

No Closure, No Peace: My Mind Won’t Stop

I've written a lot about what happened to me at my former workplace. It's a pity because this was originally meant as a place for me to talk about my ideas. But just like everything else in my life, this... Continue Reading →

Kindness, It Doesn’t Seem To Exist: Learn Humility & Forgiveness

I don't understand conflict. I really don't. I've never met anyone I didn't want to forgive and keep some semblance of a relationship with. I'm not just talking about how I was treated at my former employer, where a little... Continue Reading →

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