Today Was A Good Day

Wow! It's amazing how quickly my feelings can change. I can't get into specifics right now but just a couple of things went my way today and I feel like I'm on cloud 9 (I have to look up the... Continue Reading →

Someone Is Studying My Blog

I remember once being assaulted at a McDonalds. I was kicked in the face repeatedly. Had my phone stolen. Do you know what the cops told me? "Don't go to fast food places after midnight!" Fast forward to now and... Continue Reading →

Not A Blog Post

Sounds familiar... Toyota Worker’s Suicide Ruled Work-Related After Harassment Except no one really cares about what happened to me. Right now I feel like nothing matters anyway. I need a break from thinking but wanted to share and I... Continue Reading →

Our Justice System Is A Joke

I was sexually harassed at work. The fat manager wanted me fired after I went to HR to finally make it stop (after repeatedly speaking to her). I'm not allowed to name the company or her at the moment because... Continue Reading →

Life Doesn’t Feel Real

On September 10th I was in the medical wing of a prison. I got to prison in August, spent about 10 days in isolation under suicide watch and didn't eat anything for 6 of the first 8 days. Human beings... Continue Reading →

Waiting To Get Paid

It's infuriating that I can't name my former employer and co-workers involved. I was sexually harassed for weeks by a disgusting fat pig and then got fired because HR said she wouldn't work with me anymore! It was so unbelieveable... Continue Reading →

Yet Another Latin American Coup

On the same day we are celebrating the release of Lula in Brazil, both the Trump administration and the Trudeau government have recognized the new Bolivian government after Morales was asked to leave by the military; a military coup supported... Continue Reading →

Is Suicide Ever Completely Rational?

I'm so anxious I feel sick. I can't make it stop. Took two clonazepam, hopefully it will help, it usually does. Recently I had to give up my helium tank etc. to the Douglas Hospital. They were going to keep... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Better, Stop Saying I Am Better!

Too many appointments. I just had my sick leave extended and this is the second time that my doctor (who I think I'm falling for because she is one of the few people I talk to - it doesn't hurt... Continue Reading →

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