As many of you know I recently went through some issues at my former employer that led to being on sick leave, CNESST suing on my behalf, but also to three arrests, two convictions, and two stints in jail, along with them succeeding in silencing me for three years (I can’t use their names, not even the name of the company for three years).

I’ve spoken a lot about my feelings but I wanted to point out that I was only found guilty of breaching my conditions, not of the original charges which led to those conditions. So rather than being rewarded in some way for the police wrongfully arresting me, based on CLEARLY contradictory evidence that the ‘victims’ would have been destroyed on (and I would have had the pleasure of posting the court recordings online), I’m still punished for their lies. That’s how our justice system actually works and people should know that.

The next time you ask why anyone would not believe a girl who claims she was raped (rape being far too common) remember what these little whores did to me; one who ruined my reputation becaude I refused her advances for being far too overweight for me (I don’t know how it’s even possible for her to have sex, sincerely). Now they didn’t accuse me of rape but frankly, at this point it’s not much better.

Anyway, on the very original charge, one of the victims (not the fat one) refused to testify. I was furious but this led to all the charges being dropped. They could have had the other two testify but they wanted to “save them for the next trial.” When you talk like that, you know you’re doing something wrong.

The girl who wouldn’t testify, I would think it was kind of her if at any point after the trial she contacted me and apologized. But she didn’t. She has my number, there nothing stopping either of us from contacting each other. So what am I supposed to think? I think the bitch must just be selfish and wasn’t trying to be nice, she was scared of telling the truth about the fat one and the little one.

Next came the breach of conditions and NEW harassment charge case; this after spending fifty days in jail. They offered me time served etc. to just plead guilty and I immediately told my lawyer, “I will never plead guilty to any harassment charge because I’m not guilty of harassing anyone.” It was, in fact, they who repeatedly harassed me. There was a new person testifying, someone, like the bitch who refused to testify but not apologize for what her complaint did to me, who I trust completely would have told the truth. When the lawyer told me she was there, I couldn’t believe the blunder they were making. And why do I care if people tell the truth? BECAUSE I’M TELLING THE TRUTH! Because I was the one who had to put up with psychological and sexual harassment for months! Because I was fired to appease two managers who decided to make threats. Because I was punished for saying innocuous things, but the people who couldn’t stop talking about testicles and penises; body shaming men, and then specifically talking about me in this light, none of them were punished. Nor was I given any kind of legitimacy of being a victim of theirs.

This isn’t really a men’s rights issue. If I were a woman I might have go more attention and they might have been more afraid of me but this is same old same old when it comes to harassment. I was a new employee, they were managers. Nothing new to report.

Anyway, the point of this is to say, when you make an accusation to police about something, it SHOULD be a serious thing. There should be consequences for lying or telling incomplete truths (like literally editing my tweets; not just not including the full thread, but actually removing some of the 240 characters of the tweet!). And when someone doesn’t testify there should be consequences for that!

There may not be any legal consequences, but I’m quite certain that the little one and the fat one will not be making any more threaths at work. Furthermore, if these cunts ever pretend to be victims again, I’ll be there testifying for the accused and letting the court know what they did to me.

What should happen is that they should spend an equal amount of time in jail as I did, waiting for a trial that was never going to happen.

Anyway, I talk about what happened to me and most people have absolutely no faith in our justice system. It doesn’t mean a thing. And this is why.

But it still hurts me and not having what happened to acknowledged in any way, still makes me want to die.

P.S. to bigger girls (and maybe women in general), I’m sorry for some of the language I used but if you were talking about a sweaty man trying to have his way with you, I don’t think you would care about the other innocent men overhearing. That’s how I feel about the words I used.