I have so much to say. It’s been hard to get it all down but I will eventually. I am never going to let what those people did to me go. NEVER. Not unless I get an apology, either written or made in cash! Fuck all of them, especially the people at the top that made everything worse for everyone else.

In any case, my death is on their hands. I won’t forgive. I litterally can’t. What happened to me was outrageous! I need just a bit of time to get it all down but I will explain everything shortly. And I will name the people responsible that are not associated with my former employer (I have to wait 3 years – or death – for that).

They didn’t even pay me my premiums or my 4%! These people are lying monsters! All to help people who work from home half the time.

Silence only ever helps the oppressor and never the oppressed.