I am in the depths of depression. I tried going out more and meeting people but it all bores me to death. I’m just so tired and still just keep thinking of death. It’s so hard to trust people in this world anyway. 75 people recently fucked me over and every one of them is partially responsible if only due to their silence. Any one of them could have went to the people neccessary and said, “this stops or I start telling the truth” and no one did that. I even got blamed for people going on sick leave!

I’m just really tired right now. And this weather is coming at the right time cause I feel like I never want to go out again.

I feel like I’m alive just to be used and abused by people. I’m way too nice. Should have learned to be an asshole a long time ago.

I was recently asked if I stood by my review on Glassdoor, sounds like they are trying to get it removed. I’m tired of fighting but Glassdoor is a good company if you want true transparency. I can’t say the same about the other jobs websites. Hope they don’t disappoint me.

Then again, everyone does. My ex totally betrayed me after the stuff at work happened. I NEVER would have thought she would have treated me that way. Never! Not her! I never wanted to date the nice girl when I was younger and this is exactly why, they are the biggest liars. That was a complete waste of time. Anyway, fuck that bitch, she got hers and she’ll keep getting it. Never dating the “virgin” again, I was wise enough to know that once and lost my mind dating that cunt.

Not dying for the next 7 days. Too busy with appointments. Maybe I’ll feel magically better then.

Got nothing else to say.