Another sleepless night reliving what happened to me at my former employer. I hate them so much. I hope the little one keeps getting miscarriages for the rest of her life. Is that body shaming? That’s my level of hate! I won’t ever forgive and I will keep fighting for what’s right.

I just hope I finally get full justice at the tribunal. Otherwise I don’t know what will happen.

Too many people know the truth, and they let me spend 50 days in jail and continue to risk my suicide, not to mention the number of medications I take thanks to them. For the bystanders, I hope justice finds them too. YOU did this to me. YOU! And don’t you dare blame me. This is YOUR fault. You let them lie and do this to me, I should not have been expected to just accept sexual harassment AND then also lose my job because the fat one refused to work with me. One I could have accepted but not both!

I just have to be patient and wait for the tribunal. I have to have faith that I’ll finally have justice. Already their claims of harassment have been dismissed. All I was ever guilty of was doing something I promised not to do (tweeted @ my employer) on the basis of being charged with a BS charge which was withdrawn. I was sentenced to a total of 1 day in jail; I only spent as long as I did waiting to be heard.

I just have to be patient. I refuse to lose. That’s the end of it. I flat out fucking refuse. If I don’t get at least 6 figures and an acknowledgement of what happened, I’m not going to be able to accept it. And it will be the fault of those who stayed silent. I flat out refuse to accept it. Blame the judge who refused me bail, I fear nothing now. Stupid old sexist fuck.