Just saw Joker. Very cathartic experience. Absolutely sure to become a cult classic.

What I dislike about films like this is how much the anti-hero has to go through in order for him to lose it. I think the film would have been better if he wasn’t so clearly… off(?) right from the get go. I’m sensitive to it because I feel like I’m that guy and I want to represented properly! Excusing his behavior by an over the top origin story… well that’s not much of a statement. How about he gets humiliated at work and keeps reliving it and no one loves him, is that enough to snap? It’s not for me but on a moral level I think it is.

The social elements mirrored the class conflict that has surfaced again in the last decade. Man, I genuinely crave for people to truly hate cops, money and power as much as they did in the movie; enough to use legitimate forms of violence! When rich kids get killed and people say “good!” That to me is a more just and authentic society.

Anyway, the climactic scene of the film litterally almost made me climax (I’ve been horny ever since). TMI? I don’t care. Perks of wanting to die!

Joker is a must watch! Can’t wait to watch it again!