On the same day we are celebrating the release of Lula in Brazil, both the Trump administration and the Trudeau government have recognized the new Bolivian government after Morales was asked to leave by the military; a military coup supported by the corporate world and the governments that represent them.

Morales, the indigenous leader that put people ahead of profit, was democratically elected for a 4th term (something that is unconstitutional but was challenged in the courts of Bolivia). Opponents accuse the government of rigging the election (with zero evidence). Morales went so far as to offer yet another election but this wasn’t good enough. He cut poverty in half and nationalized natural resources (you know because they belong to the entire community and not rich foreigners… how horrible!).

I really don’t know what to say that already hasn’t been said and I don’t like writing unless I have a distinct voice. I will simply say that Trudeau once again let us down as Canadians and that Morales joins a long list of Latin American democratic leaders deposed of in a coup aided by the United States: Allende, Peron, Goulart, Gonzalez, Calderon, Marti, Arbenz, Torrijos to name just a few. A history of power silencing the majority.

When will the poor, stupid and ugly finally fight back? When do we say enough is enough? And to what lengths should we be willing to go? Our enemies use violence while we carry signs. When is enough, enough?

Death to the capitalist, to the rich, to the powerful! Sisters, brothers, a better and just world is possible, we just have to fight for it.

No compassion, no humanity, for the enemies of the people. None!