It’s infuriating that I can’t name my former employer and co-workers involved.

I was sexually harassed for weeks by a disgusting fat pig and then got fired because HR said she wouldn’t work with me anymore! It was so unbelieveable and still is. They say nothing and dodge everything because they know they’re wrong. Anyway, in time.

Part of the issue that go intertwined with all this is the insurance. They were collecting premiums from contract employees even though they were not covered for long term disability and life insurance (they were covered for dental and medical) and this had been going on for years prior to me even working there.

It’s amazing how much they get away with. They probably owe in the tens of thousands to everyone they defrauded out of their premiums but unless they take my threats for legal action seriously, its going to take me going into my pocket to get things right. I’ll do it, but its frustrating because it makes no sense to carry out a private lawsuit before I go to the tribunal. It speaks to the lack of access to the justice system for everyday people like me. There are too many lawsuits out the there that “aren’t worth the trouble.” And it has secondary consequences as well.

I have mental health issues and all this waiting made things really hard on me. The uncertainty too. Even just waiting to get approved on my claim of psychological harassment took FOREVER and I’m still waiting for a lawyer to contact me! Its more than a year now! All this made it more likely that I would lash out and it still does. At this point I think its their strategy.

I’m so sad. How did it come to this? I was sexually harassed and the very person who caused it all got me fired! Ugh, I get insecurity, I have it too, but a little humility, please. Now I’ve dehumanized them. Its just hate. But even after I left I was willing to let it go for some answers and admissions. Anyway, karma can be a bitch they say. I’ve done my share in suffering, hopefully my life is ready to take a turn.