I was sexually harassed at work. The fat manager wanted me fired after I went to HR to finally make it stop (after repeatedly speaking to her). I’m not allowed to name the company or her at the moment because our legal system us crazy.

Let me start from the beginning. After I went on sick leave and after I was fired without explanation, I kept trying to get answers. After a few months of being stonewalled and living in hell every single day I finally lost it. I had sent 3 or so emails to the repulsive gross ‘woman’ who caused all this. Nothing threathening, maybe slightly vulgar, mostly I asked for a copy of the video she made of me talking while I had been intoxicated. And then 4 or 5 text messages to her little friend. These little stupid cunts then go to the police. Now stop here. Isn’t it a bit of a guilty move to go to the police over something so trivial? I think it is.

So this dumb ass cop decides this is enough to call harassment (this cop happens to live near me, I’ve seen him with his barely fuckable wife – she said hi to me once). Now because of this I’m forced to agree to conditions or go to jail and since I already wanted to kill myself, I just agreed to the conditions. No lawyer, no judge, just an uneducated fucking loser gets to decide that its harassment. My conditions were not to contact them, which is well enough, but you have to understand what contact means. You see, when I argued with my employer about being sexually harassed (which is not supposed to be a joke anymore) they considered that “indirect contact” and I was arrested again and spent 6 days in jail (over the holidays, no less). So keep that in mind. “Contact” is almost anything. Then when I blogged about and named my abusers here and on twitter, this was also considered indirect contact! So because some moron cop decided something, I had these ridiculous conditions placed on me that are so easy to breach just by living your life and speaking your truth. I ended up having to FIFTY days in jail because of this! Fifty days for tweeting!

Well after sometime in jail, I finally had the first trial, guess what? They withdrew all charges, why? Because a few emails and texts are not fucking harassment and they had no case!!!! Second case comes around and guess what? Harassment charge is withdrawn again! So in the end I was found guilty of two charges of “breach of conditions” but the conditions were based on a crime that never occurred!! Does that make sense to you?

Oh if I don’t get my money there will be hell to pay. I can’t and won’t accept this kind of treatment. I just won’t. Rage against the system and disgusting abusers like this. I’m the innocent victim here, no one else. Am I wrong? Tell me why I’m wrong and deserved what happened to me. The way I see it, I can’t stop until I get justice. I simply refuse to lose. Not until I’m dead.