I don’t understand conflict. I really don’t. I’ve never met anyone I didn’t want to forgive and keep some semblance of a relationship with.

I’m not just talking about how I was treated at my former employer, where a little bit of kindness and compassion would have solved everything. In that case, I felt entitled and so I wouldn’t and haven’t let it go because someone needs to fight for our rights. But I’m talking about the everyday callousness and dismissiveness that exists in our society, that I usually don’t do or say anything about.

I even see it from people that are apparently religious. They talk about God but they forget that we’re all flawed brothers and sisters. I’m not religious, but I believe that; brothers and sisters, all imperfect and all loved regardless. I have a rule; all are welcome at my table. I don’t even turn away the Jehovah’s Witnesses. A human being wants to talk to me, I make fucking time to hear them out! When a homeless person tells me about some crazy conspiracy he has going through his head, I listen, because that’s my brother’s reality.

It just makes me upset, and I guess I’m too sensitive, that people could so easily dismiss a fragile human being over the stupidest things. You have to look for reasons to be angry at someone, it’s way easier to see through their eyes and make peace, whatever they did.

I guess I’m just writing this because I’m a bit more sensitive to judgement from wherever it comes from. And I just think, “we could so easily had left it all on better terms and all it would have taken is time.” That might sound like I’m talking about failed relationships and it certainly applies, but how often do we dismiss a coworker’s or neighbour’s very humanity because of some faux pas, or small error in judgement.

I think my mental health is to blame for this. What is to someone else something they just dismiss as someone being an asshole, I take to heart and am forced to live with it for weeks because someone wouldn’t take five minutes to listen and accept an apology.

Living in a world that’s more accessible to people with mental health issues, and really everyone, requires the ability to acknowledge that a nice person may make a mistake or be weird or be a Jehovah’s Witness (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself; nothing wrong with teasing our brothers and sisters).

Just try to be nice and understanding! Is that so hard?