Hangmen used to use hoods over their heads so no one knew who did the dirty deed.

I can’t expose the people at work that hurt me, at least not for now and its questionable I’d live long enough to be able to but I do want to name the people in the justice system who hurt me. I want you to know and you can make of it what you will.

Detective Pavolos Bitzakidis (5847): this is the detective that decided that a handful of emails and texts to two different people was deserving of an harassment charge. If this little bitch who works for the SPVM had just given me a warning as he should have, it would have all died there. But he didn’t. There was no case here and it was eventually withdrawn but I still was made to sign conditions which I was later guilty of breaching (indirect contact is so stupid, it can be anything). This stupid fucking greek little bitch and his uneducated friends put me in this situation. I hope his children know who he is at work. I even asked to be sent to the hospital because I was thinking of suicide but he refused, “call yourself” he said! It was unbelievable. Whenever I here about the suicide epidemic with the NYPD, I think why not the SPVM too! Now that would give me pleasure.

Hipster wannabe, with the shaved head and fluffy beard, crown prosectutor David Landry: He kept me in jail 50 days for tweeting when we offered him multiple good deals (way better than what they ended up with – for example I wouldn’t be able to write this right now). This cunt was an asshole because I had previously filed a complaint with the bar about his coworkers. I had the gull to believe and demand that I had a right to see the evidence against me! What a crazy person I am! Anyway, not only would he not accept the offers and first act like we were getting somewhere and then not, he seemed to be going against the wishes of even the “victims”. I’m quite sure the victims never wanted to testify (I always knew that) but also they would have been happy with stricter conditions and no jail time. Early on, I was ready to do almost anything to get out of jail, and I’m quite certain we had offered enough, but he kept jerking us around trying to make me waste money. It was not only a disservice to justice but to the ‘victims’. Hey if the victims didn’t complain about him, they have to own what he did to me. I got a great deal in the end. Only real sacrifice is no twitter for 6 months :(. I still get to tell my story, just without their names. But honestly this interloper doesn’t care about either side. Careful if you have him as victim or accused. Good for neither. I’m sure the little cunt will be a judge one day. I have grounds to sue for malicious prosecution and may just do so.

And finally, grandpa Judge Gabriel Boutros. What a fucking useless idiot! He said, “we have a low tech version of tweeting someone’s name; putting their name on a billboard. They may not see it but they probably will.” What a fucking moron. Yeah pops, the only difference is that my billboard is in an alleyway in the middle of nowhere… I have 60 followers… WHAT A MORON! Lmao! Like what an idiot. Anyway pops was right in saying, “he refuses to get over it,” but didn’t even consider that I was victimized or having mental health issues. My lawyer brought it up, his ruling just simply ignored it. Hey, I tried to kill myself while in there; I lost conciousness; if I had died (morally) it was on him. Not only that (and this is partially the fault of the law itself), I was held in prison for FIFTY days, not because I was guilty of anything but because I MIGHT reoffend while waiting for the trial. Now if reoffending was violent, I could understand, but the risk was me tweeting again. Talk about a imbalance of justice! You put someone in jail because they might tweet again. And these idiot legal professionals actually use the idea that public would be upset with my release… I’m quite sure its the opposite!

Oh also, he’s a shitty crime author in his spare time. Figures.

So that’s what happened to me and who did it. Please remember them and try not to be nice to them. I know it’s better to be nice to everyone but these monsters hurt me and are still trying to hurt me. I could complain about the prosecutor but I’m so exhausted and sick, I can’t do it. Please remind them of what the bastards did to me.

And if you’re one of those bastards, FUCK YOU!

I decided to make the time and effort to file a complaint against the prosecutor. I have no faith in anything anymore, but I have to try, it's my duty to use every recourse and to let the public know