Today I received another comment from my mystery friend somehow related to my former employer. I have their IP address but nothing more. I’ve asked them to stop contacting me but they persist. I can’t even be left alone. I’ve thought about going to the police but they never help me. If I did what they were doing to me I’d go to jail. I just deleted their comments, they were all stupid and provocative with zero substance. That’s all they’ve ever said to me.

Facing all this hate is difficult. I was the victim. I psychologically and sexually harassed, and humiliated for weeks and months. Somehow, they make it out like I’m the bad guy. I’m so sick of it.

I hope they leave me alone and I hope I finally get justice at the tribunal. But if these people want to persist on pestering me and lying about what really happened than they can come to my funeral. I hope to die in as public a way possible so I can shame them for what they did to me. This message today was the last fucking straw. I get justice or I die (publically). Let them lie now. I can’t and won’t accept being continually victimized by these monsters.