I can’t wrap my mind around how much has happened to me.

I’m in a rage today. I just refuse to let them win. I can’t allow it. I won’t be victimized by them and let them get away with it.

I was psychologically and sexually harrassed and somehow I became the bad guy?! How could they do this to me?! There were so many people who knew. So many people who keep pretending what happened didn’t happen and then sitting back while some of the others actually ATTACK me!

I was feeling a little better. Thinking about getting healthy but days like today make me realize I’ll never be okay again.

I hope I get a fair trial at this tribunal. I keep thinking I have so much evidence, its so obvious, but I need someone to look and see the big picture. I’m scare I won’t and then I’m scared of what I’ll do then.

I’m scared I might not make it that far too. I feel like I can barely do anything for myself and all these people are against me. I WAS THE VICTIM. I hurt a fat girls feelings by rejecting her, that was my only crime, I didn’t deserve this.

I can’t accept it. I won’t go quietly. Fuck them and fuck the world that let this happen to me.