I’m a little under 5’8″. I never consider myself as short since I was so short growing up and then went through a bit of growth spurt. When you were supposed to be 5’4″ being 5’8″ isn’t so bad. Still I know that it would be better for me if I was 6’2″. More women would find me attractive and I’ve even read of studies that show taller men get better jobs!

Such is life.

I went through hell at my previous job because I refused to have sex with a girl who was 3 or 4 times my size. She was easily over 300 pounds. She was rude about the male anatomy, so I was a little rude to her when I told her I couldn’t be with her. I told her she was too big for me and even said I would be embarrassed to be seen with her. We were all drunk. It was mean, but then she was mean too and I was giving her a taste of her own medicine.

The picture you clicked on wasn’t what I wanted. I was looking for the opposite, someone who was really fat, but I couldn’t find one in the entire library. Why? Because no one, or very few people, want to look at fat people, even more so when they are women.

Nonetheless this 300 pound behemoth managed to convince people that I had hit on her! And not just when I was drunk, but that I had a thing for her! It’s embarrassing for me that anyone could think this. It’s vanity and pride, but the idea that anyone could think I would want to have sex with this woman is humiliating.

I don’t get to pretend (unless I’m joking) that I’m some hot guy, why do fat women get to pretend they are pretty? It just isn’t true and this political correctness around it helped to ruin my life.

I had a crush on someone at work. I never asked her out because I was in a relationship but also because the chances she would have any interest in me were minuscule. She was stunningly beautiful and I am not. Reality sucks but at least I live in it, why did this other woman get to pretend she was beautiful when she clearly isn’t.

I told one of my coworkers I said something about her weight, when he was saying I said something about my testicles, and he admitted to me that he once said something to her about her weight and she was mad with him for quite some time.

Yeah, I liked her. What a ridiculous thought. Did no one stop and think?

Life sucks. And trying to be beautiful is hard. Being fat sucks too. I’m not trying to make it worse. But let’s not kid ourselves or lie to each other about what we want. It’s mostly plain to see.