I have to stop blogging.

I was psychologically and then sexually harassed. Lost my entire life because of one bad night blowing off some steam drinking after the first series of psychological harassment. I did nothing to this girl except give her a taste of her own medicine.

For six weeks I was humiliated because “everyone knew”. Except me. I kept racking my brain trying to figure out at what point of the night I could have done something so bad. I was humiliated.

Today I feel like dying because I had to be reminded that “everyone knew”. I tried so hard just to know what I was being accused of. Being called an incel, people talking about my junk, sending me emails referring to them. It was hell and they won’t stop.

I can’t tell my story and if I could no one would listen.

I don’t think if I can survive this anymore. This morning was the last straw emotionally. I know at least I called the bitch and her friends out for what they did to me. And that gave me some comfort and still does. I’m not stupid; I know this reaction from them is because they keep reading my blog and it got under her skin. She knows she’s on warning now and could never fuck with anyone the way they fucked with me; my gift to a future world.

Anyway. I want to kill myself because of what a major English University in Montreal did to me. I just want the world to know why I’m isolated and why I will be further isolated because I can’t blog (if I don’t die).

I’m sorry I’m apparently an incel. I’m sorry I smell. I’m sorry my dick isn’t big enough for a fat whore. I’m sorry I’m not a delusional suburbanite that doesn’t understand people get drunk sometimes (and so did you) and doesn’t always go perfectly. No one got hurt. I didn’t threathen or touch anyone. I didn’t get behind the wheel.

If I had done something, it should have been dealt with through HR and soon after. Instead I had to go to HR after 6 weeks of being humiliated.

I’m out. Fuck the people in the world that make it hell for everyone else. I didn’t have to die. They killed me.