I will never stop fighting the fat whore that only includes a face shot on Tinder.

I promise, with my dying breath, that the person who told me everyone knew will be responsible for…

What happens next!!!



You’re own bestie told me all about how you can’t handle comments about your weight! Poor pathetic baby.

Her husband died because she dumped him as he was dying.

Oh and the little one “God gave me what he gave me” when she was too drunk to remember that she told she couldn’t carry a child to term and BS about her husband. She forgot how drunk she was that night.

And the PM with the laughing in my face and emails about my dick. You should how seen how wasted and ridiculous she looked that night. God she’s so ugly. Then she went on sick leave cause she felt guilty.

No one should feel bad. My thirst for justice will never yield. NEVER!

Oh I can’t wait for the tribunal when I get paid thanks to what they did! I can’t wait!

Not only is their employer not taking any shit from them anymore but they even have to bail them out! Now that’s managerial material!

I win!

They think they can post anonymously basically admitting what I’ve been saying all along. Well thank you for admitting it! At least now there can be no doubt.

I can’t contact them but they can continue to try to provoke me while they know I’m on sick leave for what they did to me.

Fuck them and fuck the world. I don’t give a shit anymore. You wanted to talk about my dick and testicles… let’s fucking talk!

And now that I’ve posted her comments, I can put it to rest. I’m not the liar! I told the truth! And it’s clear to see for anyone who wants the truth! Please see newest post.

God I feel so much better!

I feel like I just took a massive shit. Feel so much better. The truth is easy to see. So which version of her story is the true one? I can almost hear the jaw dropping silence all over kitchens and living rooms across the city; “that’s what happened! That’s not what she said…fuuuck.” Yup, that’s what she said happened. Now tell me how I’m an abusive incel rapist again! I’m waiting…