It’s like they want me to stay miserable for the rest of my life. I write I feel better and they have to comment nonsense to make me upset and paranoid.

I’m so tired of being treated like this. Do you think I have the right to know what I’m being accused of?? Apparently not cause “everyone knows” and yet no one is telling me.

Makes me feel like every single one of them deserves to fucking die. I wish I could fuckng destroy the little cunts because that’s exactly what every single one of the deserve. Believe the manager because it’s easier. Asshole cunts!

I’m being called an incel (an overconfident one!) from a 300+ pound cow. Nevermind that I was dating a gorgeous and successful girl when this happened and had been for years. Now suddenly I’m an incel!

I fucking hate these mother fuckers. I hope a fire burns them all to a crisp. Something, anything. Please God don’t let me fight them alone. Every single one of them are monsters.

Well this is what they wanted. To keep me crazy and sad. They got it! Thanks! I’m the bad guy but no one says what I did bad. I just have to accept it on faith.

And I really reject being called an Incel. It’s a misandrist bull shit comment. From a fat bitch, no less.

I’m so fed up. And the pigs went after me. They won’t stop. These people will never stop assassinating my character.