I had said I would post this in the past but never did. I felt like there was no point, but I’m so sick and tired of people telling me I’m a horrible person because of what I did that night. The following is her version of events, much of it is true, some of it lacks contexts, and there are a lot omissions. I had no interest in this woman and the comment about eating her pussy was in the context of her talking about how she loved to suck on testicles, and then I went on about how despite knowing that most guys loved that, I wasn’t into it, “so we should trade,” I said in jest, and that’s how eating pussy ever got talked about.

Her statement concerning the night in question to police
Did she lie to them or all my coworkers? Which one is it?

She and her friend wrote 10 pages each and its a gold mine of information. But she goes on to say that nothing bad happened and everything was fine. So basically I’m imagining all the negative comments, dirty looks, fucked up emails, being taken out of projects that include her. All of that. It was all in my head! You would think, if true, someone would have been concerned for me imagining so much but no, they acted like the had something to hide.

Well I don’t have anything to hide. And even if you believe every word of what she wrote, I was guilty of nothing more than having a few too many and drunkenly/awkwardly pursuing a girl. Never touched her, and frankly that line in the cab was cute! I ceartainly would have had my beer goggles on, if true, but so what? It makes me stupid, not a bad guy, and not the demon they made me out to be. Again, this is HER version of events, not mine.

So when you see people saying we know what you REALLY did, is this it? Cause my version of events only added context. What’s the probem?

I’m done, I’ve told the truth.

The following are just two comments I’ve had on my blog concerning this issue. Am I crazy? Contact me privately if you have to. Am I so crazy I’m not realizing how horrible I was/am? Did I deserve to lose my life over this?