The world is changing. We have flat earthers and Trump supporters. The internet has allowed all sorts of groups of people to communicate with each other and become little subcultures within are larger society. Personally, despite some of the clear downfalls, I like it. I like it because I don’t think for a second that main stream society is in any way more right than wrong, or that it doesn’t have its own downfalls.

Consider transgendered people for example, it’s hard to be normal within the confines of the mainstream, and finding other like minded people is probably a solace and important for their community politically. Even when we look at the #MeToo movement, it has its issues, but mainstream everyday society seemed to accept far too much in terms of sexual harrassment and outright rape! The internet gives ostracized people a voice and a chance to connect with similar minded folk.

Recently, and for quite sometime, I’ve been called an incel by some incredibly one sided, trivial, and cruel former coworkers. I hate that term. For those who don’t know, incel is short for INvoluntarily CELebate. Which always makes me laugh. I laugh because it’s meant for people who are virgins or ugly people (more on this in a second) but I can think of many times in my life where I was involuntarily celebate; if it were up to me I’d be having sex three times a day with three different women but alas, no luck (maybe I am an incel). Or I think about all the married guys and gals who have sex monthly if their lucky!

Sex is an awkward thing to talk about. We all do it but when we discuss it we have to be extra sensitive. It’s understandable because sex means so much to us and often makes us feel closer to the person (or people for poly perverts) we are doing it with. It’s the very height of intimacy and the sense of feeling accepted and loved.

I knew someone for quite some time, someone I deeply cared about who unfortunately I don’t speak to anymore, who called himself an incel. In fact, there were videos of him circulating on YouTube and he sort of when viral, in a more minor sense. People made fun of him and chastised him. Well… he’s has SEVERE mental health issues. I first met him when I was homeschooling him because he was to anxious to go to regular high school. He spends every moment of his life constantly worrying about the most trivial and mundane shit. If you met him you might think he was intellectually disable, but he’s actually REALLY smart, its just that most of his brain is occupied with how he looks and not feeling like he belongs.

It seems to me that most people who call themselves incels are a lot like the person I knew. They’re thinking is clearly not rational or sensible in any way. They sound the way I might have sounded at 14, the way almost every kid feels at that age; awkward and ugly and unsure of anything.

No one is ugly. I mean really think about that. I feel ugly right now, I do. It’s a problem. But I feel that way cause I’m currently really out of shape. I’ve never met a fit, healthy person that looked ugly. Sure some people are more blessed than others and its hard when we might compare ourselves in that way, but I feel like any girl who is physically fit is someone I’m at least physically attracted to. The real attraction than comes from other things (I’m now convinced I’m attracted to women with very present and nurturing energy… don’t think of Freud please). Clearly being an incel is by default someone who has a broken mind, not bad genes or facial structure!

Another reason why I hate the term is because when other people use it to call me or someone else an incel, it’s clearly an attack on all men. I have this weird thing, where the worse I’m doing the more women like me. Maybe its because when I’m really down in the dumps, I no longer give a shit and that element is attractive. But given that I’m as miserable as I’ve ever been, it’s needless to say that sexual contact is not currently an issue. But what if it was? Why is there was now a moral obligation for men to get laid? They, these mainstream imbeciles, are taking severely mentally ill words people use to attack themselves and then spitting out on other men. Can you imagine if we talked to women this way? I don’t think it would be tolerated.

This “haha you can’t get laid” is the type of nonsense I heard in high school! But then again, I can assure you that the people I used to work with and the culture there, very much is like high school. One even had the nerve to call me an OVERCONFIDENT INCEL. If you’ve never heard an oxymoron before, congratulations you now have.

What do you think about this whole incel phenomena?