I’m Canadian and in the last election, like many other Canadians who weren’t scared in to voting for the centrist, corporatist, Liberal party, I voted for the NDP.

The Democrtic primary campaign in the US is heating up, with Iowa and New Hampshire around the corner, and candidates are trying to differentiate themselves. Only one person doesn’t have to, and I think he says a lot about leftist politics around the world, Bernie Sanders.

I love Bernie Sanders. I love everything about him, even when I disagree with him. The element that differentiates him from other candidates is that everyone else is trying to sell you on bringing things back to normal, or making things better than they already are, Bernie can look right in to the camera and right into your eyes and say, “How’s all this working out for you?” What makes him different is that he doesn’t think the world is okay the way it is, he doesn’t think that the powerful have treated the poor fairly and with dignity, he thinks there is something very wrong with his country and he is there fucking change it!

We talk a lot about litmus tests (apparently we’re not supposed to have any, we should just be happy with who our overlords give us), to me the most important test that I could give a politician is, does she really want change? Can he admit that something is very wrong with our socio-economic, political system? If they can’t do that, then they fail. PERIOD.

There are millions of us who have been exploited, who are overtaxed and under-serviced (not the rich), who have been battered by corruption. We’re on the street, underemployed, underpaid, in prison. We’re black and brown, native and immigrants, and we’re not going to fucking take it anymore.

This is where I disagree with Bernie. If a centrist wins the nomination, vote for Trump! If they won’t give us a seat at the table then burn it fucking down!