I’m just going over some documents related to everything that happened at work.

I went to HR after 6 weeks of harrassment and told her that people were mistreating me, laughing in my face, giving me dirty looks, refusing to work with me etc. since the night of the 5 a 7.

We tell victims to come forward and then they are flat out not believed. Why would I lie? Why did I make all that up?

They basically claim that I’m crazy and imagining it or worse… and get this… that I’m angry over being rejected! I wish I could include a picture or this girl, and my at the time girlfriend of 4 years. And they met her too! She came to the office and did a whole tour (she sometimes works with a professor who has dealing with my former employer). Like I’m 36 years old, do you have any idea how many relationships I’ve been in, how many drunken make out sessions I’ve had? And more than that, do you have any idea how many times I’ve been rejected!?

It hurts when you’re clearly the victim of something and it’s ignored. The president even told me that he knows the way this girl talks! And still, despite her reputation, everyone believed her. It’s just sad.

I could understand if they weren’t 100% on my story. The president wasn’t there after all, neither was HR, but by God, are you really going to dismiss everything I said? Why would I have gotten upset? And why after 6 weeks?

I made a mistake. She was mean and just outrageous when it came to men and I stupidly wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine. But I did not hit on her and she absolutely took 2 videos of me and I absolutely rejected her advances. For anyone to think otherwise is just stupid.

On a lighter note, I’m starting to realize that there’s a segment of obese people that are like that precisely because they’re confident. They just have no sense of shame. Take me, I’m SO embarrassed of my gut and then feel even more embarrassed about eating delivery/take out when I’m in that situation. It stops me a little, or at least slows me down. This girl is so sure of herself, she thinks people will believe her.