I’m reviewing some documents for the tribunal. It’s in April but I know how these things go so I won’t get my hopes up; it can easily be delayed. My lawyer said they want to settle. I’m not settling unless they admit that I was sexually harassed by a disgusting fat girl… either that or a lot of money, neither of which I think they will agree to.

It just amazes me how stupid they and the cops were. In the end, I breached my conditions because I @ my former employer in some tweets (and possibly because I # some names). Everything else I did was perfectly within my rights. I’m allowed to express how I feel! The fact that they think I’m not allowed to astounds me! People let power get to their head and the internet is the great democratizer.

In any case I will continue to do so (sans names, except my employer when my time is up), as I’m clearly allowed to.

I was humiliated, dismissed as crazy, and had private records shared with employees. I lost my job, my reputation, my mental and physical well being, and now I have a criminal record over a stupid breach charge. I don’t understand how anyone can think I’m just going to let it go. I’m obviously not; so long as I suffer, I will not suffer in silence.

I do notice the comments have stopped since I posted her statement about the night. God knows what she was telling them! A small victory but I’ll take it.

I lost nearly everything thanks to these people. How do you do that to someone and not think there are going to be consequences? Every fight is a bad fight. No one wins in fights. That’s why I tried desperately to avoid this one. Now we’re in a fight. We’ve already both lost and will continue doing so.

Side note: I’m on a downswing right now but I do keep trying to tell myself I just need to get healthy and everything will fall into place. I have enough money. Looking and feeling good physically has to help everything else. But I just know this stuff is going to keep bringing me down. In time I guess. At least the tribunal will give me a chance to speak my peace in front the judge (or whatever they’re called there).