After all this time, I still feel in shock over what they did to me. Some days I feel like I died, like the person I was is gone.

I’m lucky in some ways. At least my labour board took my side. I’m getting paid almost all my income (90%) while I’m dealing with this. There are also some other things that just needed time to get settled that did and went my way. All while I was essentially waiting.

I can’t imagine how someone else may feel after having been humiliated and harassed the way I was without the support I’ve gotten.

It’s why it’s so important that people speak truth to power whenever possible.

I’ve been thinking about letting things go but I can’t. My obligation to my society does not allow me to. I can’t let people think that what happened to me is okay and should happen without consequence. That’s why it matters so much to me that my employer admit or a judge decides that I was sexually harassed.

Aside from that, and while I’ve been pretty down the last week or so, I feel more positive. I’m excited at the life I could have if I could just get over this hump. And I’m mostly proud that I have remained steadfast in speaking truth to power. Even if I gave up and died, it was a hill worth dying on… and that makes me smile.