I was feeling pretty sad the last couple of days but today I found out that the tribunal I’m set to go to in April, grants us subpoena power! I was SO sure that it wasn’t the case and that because it was just a tribunal I would testify, they would try to make a mess for me (using my blogs), and then that’s it.

This is amazing! I’m so happy I may actually get a chance to finally be heard. And to find out who these people are that claim to know what REALLY happened are! Well the court wants to know too, so let’s hear it!

I have to have faith that this many people will not be able to keep a story together. The truth always comes out eventually and now they’re between a rock and a hard place.

I’m nervous but excited. Whatever happens, its important that I finally get to be heard.

Whatever your fighting in life, don’t give up. Justice is worth something. It’s worth everything! It’s not just about wins and losses but about standing up for what’s right.

Peace out!