God damn! Having to prepare has been hard but I’ve done the first stages and that’s always the hardest part. Reading their version of events is just hard to do. Makes me mad, sad, every emotion you could feel. My heart races.

I mean their version of events is pretty straight forward. Apparently, I’m the type of person who likes to cause drama and I’m imagining things. I WANT to believe they actually think that but if that was the case they wouldn’t have been actively “building a case against me” or have me imprisoned because I lost my mind. Wouldn’t you kindly try to help someone if that was the case? Anyway, I guess I just have to tell the judge that I’m not crazy and I didn’t make things up just to start drama. I don’t know how to even respond to such an accusation… what do you say? I did get crazy after September/October but that was after they did a ton to me. And even then I didn’t imagine anything, I just lashed out in emails and texts.

Anyway, at least in part this will be over soon. I’m mostly just sad now at least. I only get angry sometimes. But I don’t really care what they think or do anymore. I’m still left as a shattered human being but the truth is clear to see.