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Worst Part Of Depression

I'm crying right now. I've been crying for most of the day. The worst days though, are when you can't cry. Those days happen way to often. I don't know if its just me or if its just a part... Continue Reading →

Hurt & Suicidal

I'm hurting today. I wish I was strong enough to let go. I don't know how people do that, just forget about the past. Friendships, relationships that have run their course. I feel the need to honour them in some... Continue Reading →

Leftist Populism: Are You Happy With How The World Is?

I'm Canadian and in the last election, like many other Canadians who weren't scared in to voting for the centrist, corporatist, Liberal party, I voted for the NDP. The Democrtic primary campaign in the US is heating up, with Iowa... Continue Reading →

Memento Mori

When celebrities die young it becomes the biggest story in the news cycle. I hate this kind of stuff, in part because I hate most main stream celebrities. The people I love are the ones that kill themselves, and none... Continue Reading →

Lost Love

This morning I was reminded of something I'd lost. In the midst of dealing with the present (both positively and negatively) and dealing with the anger I have felt over how I was treated at my last job, I'd barely... Continue Reading →

Staying Humble

Humility has always been a corner stone of my identity, or better stated, my philosophy on life. The neoliberal era has brought with it a level of ego and narcissism never seen before. Our whole economy is built on it;... Continue Reading →

Completely Bipolar

Since I've been on sick leave, I have never felt this good... and this bad. It's the first time I truly feel crazy and confused. I'm comforted with it being more less over. I'm happy about my life and what... Continue Reading →

Good News!

I just discovered that I have a date with the tribunal in April! FINALLY! I'm going to get at least some level of justice after everything the monsters did and still do to me. I just have to stay alive... Continue Reading →


I think I'm going to disable the site shortly. I've done so well at being isolated and there is comfort in that, and I don't want to feel like I'm out there in any way anymore. I think I'm getting... Continue Reading →

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