Waiting To Get Paid

It's infuriating that I can't name my former employer and co-workers involved. I was sexually harassed for weeks by a disgusting fat pig and then got fired because HR said she wouldn't work with me anymore! It was so unbelieveable... Continue Reading →

Yet Another Latin American Coup

On the same day we are celebrating the release of Lula in Brazil, both the Trump administration and the Trudeau government have recognized the new Bolivian government after Morales was asked to leave by the military; a military coup supported... Continue Reading →

Is Suicide Ever Completely Rational?

I'm so anxious I feel sick. I can't make it stop. Took two clonazepam, hopefully it will help, it usually does. Recently I had to give up my helium tank etc. to the Douglas Hospital. They were going to keep... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Better, Stop Saying I Am Better!

Too many appointments. I just had my sick leave extended and this is the second time that my doctor (who I think I'm falling for because she is one of the few people I talk to - it doesn't hurt... Continue Reading →

Send In The Clowns

Just saw Joker. Very cathartic experience. Absolutely sure to become a cult classic. What I dislike about films like this is how much the anti-hero has to go through in order for him to lose it. I think the film... Continue Reading →


Another sleepless night reliving what happened to me at my former employer. I hate them so much. I hope the little one keeps getting miscarriages for the rest of her life. Is that body shaming? That's my level of hate!... Continue Reading →

How To Cry Quietly

Humans seem to be the only animals that cry for emotional reasons. Perhaps there is some sort of evolutionary advantage to being able to show others that your heart is broken, or maybe its as useless as an appendix. Counter... Continue Reading →

Update On Life

I am in the depths of depression. I tried going out more and meeting people but it all bores me to death. I'm just so tired and still just keep thinking of death. It's so hard to trust people in... Continue Reading →


Nothing is ever beautiful. Occasionally I think something or someone might be beautiful but always, when my gaze is too long, the beauty subsides into normalcy. The bitter grey that I am doomed to live in. I wonder to myself... Continue Reading →

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