People Are So Fucking Stupid & You Are Not Rational

Everytime a simple minded idiot rolls their eyes at complex idiots over something like flat earth, global warming, or evolution... I want to scream! I want to rip their throats out with my teeth and then bang their heads against... Continue Reading →

Sad and Thoughts (not really a good read)

I'm sad. I was isolated for so long I think it really fucked up my brain. Even when I should be happy, I'm sad. I used to be anxious, that was always there, but little happy moments have me at... Continue Reading →

Feeling Fat

I feel so fat. I've actually lost most of the weight I gained since sick leave & meds caused me to gain about 35 pounds but I miss losing the weight (some of it was due to a hunger strike).... Continue Reading →


I still wake up in the middle of the night and almost every morning absolutely raging about what happened to me. I was psychologically and sexually harassed at work. I think what makes it harder is that I have to... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Love Who I Should

I spent the night with a girl who is amazing. We drank and talked and not a moment of boredom. This girl literally speaks Latin! She's perfect in every way. It was unbelievable! At the bare minimum, I am so... Continue Reading →

Ranting & Raving

.... When you just need to be patient and chill. Peace!


I have so much to say. It's been hard to get it all down but I will eventually. I am never going to let what those people did to me go. NEVER. Not unless I get an apology, either written... Continue Reading →

Suicide As A Performance Art

The weird thing about my suicidality, I've been thinking, is that if I was someone else, if I was 50% of the western population (if not more), I would still want to blow my brains out. All the pain I've... Continue Reading →

All I Really Have To Say

I once wrote on the back of the cover of a book I loved passionately, "My last words: I had something profound to say but I've forgotten what it was." I hadn't actually forgotten; sometimes we say things but what... Continue Reading →

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