A Journal Entry… Of Some Kind… (Titles require a coherent idea… fuck titles!)

Please follow blog as I will not be able to share on twitter for next few months. I remain struggling to want to keep ongoing. It seems the only thing my heart desires that feels realistically attainable is justice. Not... Continue Reading →

What It Feels Like To Want To Die

Eloi Eloi Lama Sabacthani. I want to die repeating it over and over again. And just for that moment, I would be beautiful and loved and dignified.

Suicide Is Not A Mental Health Issue, It’s A Social Issue

I've been living in pretty much total isolation for more than a year. It's amazing what a broken mind and broken spirit can do to your body too. I'm unrecognizable. This isn't about why, its about what I can do... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on a bad day

Something is different about today. I don't know how much longer I can stand being alive. I've been thinking a lot about a few things; how secret suicides are and how we are never allowed to discuss it, how being... Continue Reading →

Bell Let’s Talk: The Right to Die

Recently CBC ran an article on the right to die, which included a brief discussion on mental illness. I have long been an advocate of the right to die for the mentally ill and was happy to see that this... Continue Reading →

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